After Big Bend, and temperatures beginning to cool, I elected to go to Del Rio and then see how the weather would be. Del Rio is an interesting town. There is an irrigation system from 1871 that serves the farms around the town. It is fed by San Felipe Springs, and is controlled by chain raised gates. It's still in operation today. The RV campground I stayed at is on a former farm, and this irrigation sysem runs alongside it. The lady that ran the campground gave me a little tutorial on it while I was there.

Texas fire ants are more potent than the SC ones. I found this out the hard way helping move a rubber mat in the RV park. After we dragged it to the new location, I felt a sting. An ant. Then more. I had a few on each hand, and was bit multiple times. Boy, did they sting. Welts were up within minutes. More than an hour later, they were just tingling. South Carolina fire ants bites go to a tingle within a half hour.