Next stop - Santa Fe, NM. After arriving late in a ten hour driving day, I booked that night and the next with the idea to relax some, do laundry, and go into town for some real New Mexico eats. Well, I did get into town and there are some narrow streets, and you have to know where the RV size parking spaces are, or you take two and hope - like I did. The recommended restaurant I was given was closed, but it likely saved me a parking ticket. I did remember passing a place with a full parking lot on the way into town, so back there I went - and it was worth it.

Next destination - Bluewater Lake State Park near Grants, NM.  This place is at approximately 7700 feet altitude, and has but a dozen sites with electric power. Water is available at a site where you pull in, get what you need, and go back to your own site. But, for $14 a night, it's worth it. There are also public bathrooms with showers throughout the park.

Below are two pictures, one from the road in, the second from my site.