While I was visiting Lonnie and family in Colorado, I noticed a glass on the table that had Frozen Dead Guy Days on it. I asked about it, and Lonnie told me it's a real thing in the nearby town of Nederland. It's a crazy funny story, here are two links to it:



Another item.Once I got off the interstates to the old U.S. and state highways that are not divided, I was getting waved at by folks. I had seen this once in a while in South Carolina on backroads, but it was usually an older guy doing the waving. Out here, it is generally men in pickup trucks and SUV's. Sometimes it's guys in larger trucks, up to eighteen wheelers. So I am waving hello back now to perpetuate the friendliness.

October 11, 2015 summary (because I just thought of doing this): 47 days on the road, 8,614 miles traveled. Lots of one nighters, some for more. Maximum stay was nine days - two extra waiting for mail/packages. Since I don't tow a car behind me, I need to get a small (about 200cc) motorcycle as a "get around" vehicle. Until then, any trip beyond walking distance involves breaking camp (disconnect electric, water, sewer) for the trip and re-hooking up upon return. Plus the fuel mileage would be so much better with a bike.