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The choice to go down into Colorado was a good one - visiting my nephew Lonnie, his wife Carrie, son Dean, daughters Glorianna and Nora. They live on a mountain above Boulder at 8800 feet! I stayed one night nearby at Kelly Dahl campground, which is part of the USDA Forest Service. It is primitive - meaning no electric, water, or sewer. There are bathrooms though. Staying at approx. 8800 feet means it cools down quickly once the sun has set.There were some folks throwing horsehoes nearby and one of the ladies was really whooping it up at one point, which caused a reaction from nearby coyotes. Pretty cool.

The next day, I decided to take a state highway up towards Laramie, Wyoming. It did not take too long before I was seeing antelope as this road was through the high plains. I eventually turned south on another state hwy. and camped in Saratoga, WY. The next morning, I passed through part of the Medicine Bow Nat'l. Forest and the scenery was spectacular. And the bonuses were: Bald Eagle, Whitetail Deer, hawks, Mule Deer, Antelope, and Elk!

My next stop was New Castle, Colorado, where I had a back-in spot next to a small stream. It was a very nice site and soothing to listed to the water running over the rocks in the stream. After that, I elected to return to the Boulder area and spend some more time with Lonnie and his family, so I stayed two days just outside Central City, CO - a former mining town now turned casino town. I did not indulge in that, even though they offered shuttle service from the campground. After saying goodbye to Lonnie, Carrie, and the kids, it was off to Santa Fe, New Mexico. The nights in central Colorado were getting very cool - the last morning was about 48 when I woke up.