When I saw that hurricane Patricia was threatening Texas, I decided to get out. So, off to Yuma, Arizona it was. I picked Yuma after looking at winter average temperatures - attempting to avoid those below 50 degree nights. There will be some, but overall I should be not too bad off. Yuma has made into an attraction it's Territorial Prison from the 1870's. There is also a graveyard with the graves marked by piles of stones. The Colorado River is the boundary with California, and parts of Mexico along the southwestern border. There is a system of canals off the river, some of which have bicycle paths along them. Since I pressed my bicycle back into service, I am riding at least 4 miles every day, somedays as many as 8 miles. The hills were initially a challenge since my legs were not in riding shape, but I am past that now. I plan to remain here until the cold weather has passed. It's extremely rare for freezing temperatures here, but just in case I added a pipe heating cable to my water connection at my RV site. Better to be safe than sorry. Great bird sighting on Tuesday, 12/28 - cycling past West Wetlands Park in Yuma, three bald eagles riding thermals over the park. What luck to see three at the same time! Later insertion of a picture from the Chirichauas National Monument, which I took  a quick tour through between Willcox, AZ and Gila Bend on the trip to Yuma. I will be going back to see that park!! Yuma started having daytime temperatures into the 90's in mid-March, so on March 25th, I broke camp and headed for Parker, which was good for 40 days, and then the same thing started happening there - getting too hot. The Parker strip was pretty fun from Monday through Thursday, but Friday to Sunday was the weekend warriors with their loud go-fast boats. There are no exhaust restrictions, so the noise can be really bad at times. Not sure if I will go back because of that. But I was fortunate to meet Dan Simpson, who was camped nearby. We became good friends, and I have to go to Oregon to visit him this summer. On May 10th, I left Parker and went to Kingman, AZ in order to gain some altitude / lower temperatures. That was good for 2 weeks, and then the same thing, so I left for Williams, AZ - altitude about 6800'. It rarely gets into the 90's in Williams, and it's a pretty cool town on old Rt. 66. While I was there, I met a great guy by the name of Dave Temple. We were talking and shooting pool and he invited me to his ranch east of town. This is gorgeous country, with views of the highest mountains in Arizona. Dave is a super guy and a great host.